India Gate Restaurant

Current address, telephone number, work hours, people's testimonies India Gate Restaurant. This company belongs to the following categories: establishment, food, meal delivery and meal takeaway. You can find India Gate Restaurant at 188 Liebig Street, Warrnambool, Victoria 3280.


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188 Liebig Street, Warrnambool, Victoria 3280
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Phone number:
+61 3 5562 4840

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Reviews about India Gate Restaurant

  • David B
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    First of all, call Worksafe (India Gate do a lot wrong). Never seen a chef wear thongs in the kitchen before. That is totally safe,

    Second, they freeze EVERYTHING., Nothing is fresh. When they don't sell it, they save it for the next day.

    Third, rude and untrained staff. The Indian waitress, hard to understand her English. She is so rude. Gets the owner to do the talk for her which is funny... Too scared to face a customer.

    Fourth, the customer is always right. When the food sucks... It sucks. When the food is tasting off,.. It's probably off. When the staff is rude... A customer feels insecure and clearly the staff is disgusting and rude.

    I think it is funny how there is a barrier between Indian and Australians. Indians are so rude to white people. I went in there and a white Aussie said his food was not really right.. Immediately three Indians all come together and gang up on him.

    There is no one on one talk. They always get others involved.

    If you ask me and want to be safe from food poisoning... Eat somewhere else.
    Safe the trouble. This restaurant is not worth it.

    Over priced menu. And food is pretty disgusting.

    We all have different opinions. I respect yours.

    But I know a lot about this store to know about it. I have spoken to a lot of Aussies who used to work there and they agree,, ????
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